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I am just starting on Apache sling and CQ5 development. There is this concept of using OSGI bundles in Sling.

I can't find out how the sling framework actually interacts with these bundles and where does the response from bundles go ?

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OSGi is module framework and service platform used by Sling and the CQ5 product. Sling itself is comprised of a series of bundles hosted within the Felix OSGi container. Bundles are a collection group of components/services and java classes managed by the container. The bundle can specify which packages will be imported, exported and also the versions of those dependencies.

There are a number of ways that you can interact with OSGi from Sling. From a JSP/JSP you can use the sling object (of type SlingScriptHelper), which is most likely available in your JSP page if you have included the following line:

<%@include file="/libs/foundation/global.jsp"%>

in your component or have the following:


You can use it like so:

QueryBuilder queryBuilder = sling.getService(QueryBuilder.class);

Additionally, if you have your own OSGi components (e.g. Servlet, Service, etc) you can inject references to other OSGI components/services using SCR annotations. Bertrand describes this in his answer to Getting OSGi services from a bundle in Sling/CQ. Effectively this means adding the @Reference annotation to your OSGI component variables in your components, like so:

 private SlingRepository repository;

When your component is loaded, then the reference will be injected by the OSGi container.

A bundle doesn't have a response as such. A deployed bundle should be visible in the system console:


with its components, services & configuration declared here:


(Replace localhost:4502 with your own CQ server host:port)

Once you have obtained a reference to a component, then you can call the methods on that and use the return values from those calls.

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Thanks SO MUCH !!! I was almost losing hope on this.. The regular material on the internet does not answer this question –  Riju Mahna Jan 31 '13 at 10:03
Documentation on the day CQ5 developer site and blogs is pretty good. Also the Felix / SCR is helpful. Finally, check out the unit/integration tests for the Sling project itself as these usually show the best way of using the various Sling APIs. Please accept the answer if it meets your needs. ;-) –  diffa Jan 31 '13 at 10:27
Actually I have to learn CQ5 (including Sling, OSGi, Felix, bundles etc.) in 3 days !! :) So I am just rushing over webpages now. Thanks much –  Riju Mahna Jan 31 '13 at 10:30
Good luck! There's a lot to learn –  diffa Jan 31 '13 at 10:35

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