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In Silverlight one does not have access to the entire .NET Library and therefore I am considering the best way to get the functionality I would have courtesy of System.IO.Packaging.

I have multiple text files and I want to combine them into a single archive. Compression is not important but could wind up being valuable.

By instinct I would select an obscure characters as BOF/EOF tokens and then use a single stream to generate the multiple files, marking off BOF/EOF as a single file. I'd probably come up with a format to retrieve the original file name after the BOF as well.

But before I operate on a poor man's instinctive approach, is there a canonical approach to this? Or anyone who has done this before with some words of advice based on experience?

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SharpZipLib works on the compact framework, there is no reason it won't work in SilverLight.

As for licensing (From their page):

"In plain English this means you can use this library in commercial closed-source applications."

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Hm, looks like it's GPL? slsharpziplib.codeplex.com/license – t3rse Sep 22 '09 at 19:25

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