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My xml page:

<title geoid="1198">District of Columbia</title>
<description cong_dist="Delegate District (at Large) 98">DC - Delegate District (at Large) 98 <br/> No of Incidents: 1436</description>
<georss:polygon>38.934311 -77.1199 38.939834989364 -77.112868886998 38.94641 -77.1045 38.94891 -77.1007 38.95651 -77.0915 38.960871062931 -77.085827416011 38.967245703105 -77.077535703105 38.971616050926 -77.07185104194 38.98511 -77.054299 38.986557824794 -77.0523733.885112 -76.919295 38.884412 -76.920195 38.881242218815 -76.92424312618 886998 38.934311 -77.1199</georss:polygon>

i have to take values one by one by the tag<>name in the for loop.

     geom = items[i].childNodes[j].childNodes[0].nodeValue;

and this values iterated in for loop and i have to store the values in geom.

how to take values from the "sample.xml" xml page.

and i have to take the values by the tag name.

how to do this??

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You can use SimpleXMLElement class of it an loop through the length of the Item you wan to Iterate over

example and documentation

i prefer and advice to use foreach

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