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This question is active at http://serverfault.com/questions/67844/renew-a-ssl-cert-on-iis6. Thanks.

My manager ordered a new wild card cert for our website as our current is expiring in a few days. Now, I am stuck as I cannot figure out how to install it? It is a cert from GoDaddy.com. I have downloaded it to my server. Upon unzipping it I have a PB7 file (intermediate cert) and a CRT file.

I open IIS6, click Properties on the website I want to update (it already has the old SSL Cert on it). Click on the Directory Security tab then the Server Certificate... button.

Now, I am presented with the following options:

  • Renew the current certificate - was done manually through GoDaddy and no pending renewal was ever issued.
  • Remove the current certificate - does not sound right for us.
  • Replace the current certificate - possible...
  • Export the current certificate to a .pfx file
  • Copy or move the current certificate to a remote server site

Now, when I choose the REPLACE option it presents me with a dialog of already installed certs!!! My new one is not in there.

What the heck do I do? Google/Bing is being of no help to me right now.

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Keith, try on serverfault.com, you'll probably find a better audience for this kind of questions. –  mjv Sep 22 '09 at 19:14

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