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I'm trying to figure out how to: 1. use IB, in Xcode 4+ to visually create a custom subclass of UITableViewCell to use in MT.

  1. How to use that custom class as an element in MT.Dialog.

I've searched extensively and haven't found any example or been able to solve it. Here is the process I have been trying:

  1. Step 1 seems easy enough now that I have found a good tutorial :

  2. Step 2 seems to be where I am stuck. Once I have the new class, with a few labels dropped onto it in this case:

    public partial class CustomListCell : UITableViewCell

    { public CustomListCell () :base(UITableViewCellStyle.Default,"CellID") { }

    public void UpDateData(string lbl1, string lbl2, string lbl3)
        this.lblLabel1.Text = lbl1;
        this.lblLabel2.Text = lbl2;
        this.lblLabel3.Text = lbl3;


I can't figure out how to turn it into something I can use in MT.Dialog. Ive tried :

public partial class CustomListCell :Element

but the label controls don't seem to every be created.No matter where I put a call to UpdateData they are all null, hence a null reference exception, even if the constructor has executed just fine. I've also tried making it an OwnerDrawnElement, but ran into a couple of problems with that.

Is this possible? Is there a recommended pattern? Thanks for any help,


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I think the sample you are looking for is the OwnerDrawnCell:

See how it overrides the GetCell() method to provide a custom cell:

public override UITableViewCell GetCell (UITableView tv)
  OwnerDrawnCell cell = tv.DequeueReusableCell(this.CellReuseIdentifier) as OwnerDrawnCell;

  if (cell == null)
    cell = new OwnerDrawnCell(this, this.Style, this.CellReuseIdentifier);
    cell.Element = this;

  return cell;

You just need to do the same thing - except you need to replace OwnerDrawnCell with the XIB-loaded cell.

I've also done a blog post on how I load cells from XIBs using the new iOS6 variant of the DequeueReusableCell API - see

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