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    <asp:Label ID="lblCompanyName" runat="server" 
         ToolTip='<%# CheckDbNull.ToStr(Eval("Name")) %>' 
         Text='  <%# CheckDbNull.ToStr(Eval("Name")) %>'></asp:Label>

I have some date in html format like < abc >, < Name > etc.
But it will render as html and it is not displayed.
So how to display html text in grid columns.

I am using Telerik:RadGrid and template column.

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use Server.HTMLEncode for displaying < and > sign.

   Text='  <%# Server.HTMLEncode(CheckDbNull.ToStr(Eval("Name"))) %>'

It changes as following

  • The less-than character (<) is converted to &lt ;.
  • The greater-than character (>) is converted to &gt ;.
  • The ampersand character (&) is converted to &amp ;.
  • The double-quote character (") is converted to &quot ;.
  • Any ASCII code character whose code is greater-than or equal to 0x80 is converted to &#< number>, where number is the ASCII character value.
    MSDN says Server.HTMLEncode

Details are below

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thanks bro. .it's working but with this solution i have got another problem. When i export grid data into pdf, excel format, html text is not displayed. when i remove Server.HtmlEncode then it will not display in grid but it will display in pdf , excel format –  kkk Jan 31 '13 at 7:23
why don't you decode before exporting it to excel and pdf. –  शेखर Jan 31 '13 at 7:26
here is a link dotnetperls.com/htmlencode-htmldecode –  शेखर Jan 31 '13 at 7:29

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