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I want to change the password pattern of FosUser Bundle.. (lets say, i will require the password to be minumum of 6 characters which also require 1 letter and 1 number. Where do i set this?

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Yuo can do this in FosUserBundle validator.

Take a look at this file:



<property name="plainPassword">
  <constraint name="NotBlank">
    <option name="message">fos_user.password.blank</option>
    <option name="groups">Registration</option>
  <constraint name="MinLength">
    <option name="limit">2</option>
    <option name="message">fos_user.password.short</option>
    <option name="groups">

I don't know (but I suppose that I'm right) if exists a constraint of type "1 letter and 1 number". In that case, you have to "build" it yourself and use in the same way you use the NotBlank and MinLenght constraint of this example

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I've add into User entity

    // src/Acme/AcmeBundle/Entity/User.php

    class User extends BaseUser{
         * @Assert\NotBlank(message="fos_user.username.blank", groups={"Registration", "Profile"})
         * @Assert\Length(min=5, max="255",
         *     minMessage="fos_user.username.short", maxMessage="fos_user.username.long",
         *     groups={"Registration", "Profile"})
        protected $username;  

         * @Assert\NotBlank(message="fos_user.password.blank", groups={"Registration", "ResetPassword", "ChangePassword"})
         * @Assert\Length(min=6,
         *     minMessage="fos_user.password.short",
         *     groups={"Registration", "Profile", "ResetPassword", "ChangePassword"})
        protected $plainPassword;    
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