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I am using the great FullCalendar but have a problem with refetchEvents.

With a python-script I add a new event in a google-Calendar. The google-Calendar is the eventSource for my FullCalendar. After that is done I try to reload the eventSource. But the just added event doesn't appear although I'm quite sure that it is inserted in the google-Calendar at this moment. After pushing next and back I get the new event. Here is the relevant jquery-Part:

        data: JSON.stringify(myevent),
        type: "POST",
                ...do something

In the success-Part the correct google-eventId is alerted. So I know, that the event is really already inserted.

I can work around the problem if I double the command 'refetchEvents'. When I use 'rerenderEvents', there is no difference at all.

It seems to me as if the xml-feed of the google-Calendar is renewed a little bit later after a successful insert of a new event. But I wonder if the main problem is sitting in front of the screen...

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In this question the user had a similar problem and solved it with


So I decided to do some tests again although I used this method already. I don't know exactly why but now it works.

I didn't see the other question before and hope no one invested too much time...

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See my updated answer in the question you mention: refetchEvents –  MaxD Jan 31 '13 at 22:25

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