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I am basically trying to write a datastructure in shell (basically classes )

Something like following

foo = Foo()

But I realized that probably shell is not the place to do this (Please correct me if i am wrong)

Now the other way I thought was writing a C++ or python code with these datastructures and have shell script parse the values to the compiled binaries or executable scripts..

Something like in shell I write the function as

  function Foo()
    #call the binaries
    echo $something out

but how do I create that foo.method() type of experience??

Any suggestions will be appreciated Thanks

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Take a look at http://shoop.sourceforge.net.

This is the Shoop: SHell Object Oriented Programming project ("shoop")

This project was registered on SourceForge.net on Apr 11, 2006, and is described by the project team as follows:

Shoop: SHell Object Oriented Programming extends POSIX shell to have OO suport, adding classless object orientation (introspection, finalization, serialization, multiple inheritance ) to plain old shell script.

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