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How do you 'un-lift' a value inside a query in Slick when using lifted embedding? I was hoping a 'get', 'toLong' or something like that may do the trick, but no such luck.

The following code does not compile:

  val userById = for {
     uid <- Parameters[Long]
     u <- Users if === uid
  } yield u

  val userFirstNameById = for {
     uid <- Parameters[Long]
     u <- userById(uid)
     // type mismatch;  found   : scala.slick.lifted.Column[Long]  required: Long
  } yield
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You can't, for 2 reasons:

1) with val this is happening at compile time, there is no Long value uid. userById(uid) binds a Long uid to the compile time generated prepared statement, and then .list, .first, etc. invoke the query.

2) the other issue is as soon as you Parameterize a query, composition is no longer possible -- it's a limitation dating back to ScalaQuery.

Your best bet is to delay Parameterization until the final composed query:

val forFooBars = for{
  f <- Foos
  b <- Bars if is b.fooID
} yield(f,b)
val allByStatus = for{ id ~ active <- Parameters[(Long,Boolean)]
  (f,b) <- forFooBars if ( is id) && ( is active)
} yield(f,b)

def findAllByActive(id: Long, isActive: Boolean) = allByStatus(id, isActive).list

At any rate, in your example you could just as well do:

val byID = Users.createFinderBy(

The only way that I know to get this kind of thing to work is wrap the query val in a def and pass in a runtime variable, which means Slick has to re-generate the sql on every request, and no prepared statement is sent to underlying DBMS. In some cases you have to do this, like passing in a List(1,2,3) for inList.

def whenNothingElseWorks(id: Long) = {
  val userFirstNameById = for {u <- userById(id.bind)} yield
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Oh bugger ;-) Pretty stupid that I forgot the query was assigned to the val at compile time. Thanks for the nice explanation. I'm just experimenting with query composition in Slick. What I'm actually after is the best way to filter query results at runtime and then build other queries on top of that. I also normally use code similar to your last example, but I just wanted to see if I could find an alternative. –  JacobusR Jan 31 '13 at 15:44
As of now we can't compose parameterized queries; if and when that functionality is available, much boilerplate will be removed. Just build up query blocks and slice & dice into a final paramterized query. –  virtualeyes Jan 31 '13 at 16:01

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