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I have a user control that consists of a CheckBox and a TextBox. I create instances of this user control dynamically at runtime according to properties of my object and add them into a StackPanel.

I would like to enable Tab navigation between these TextBoxes. Setting IsTabStop="True" for the TextBox in the user control did not worked. I have also set KeyboardNavigation.TabNavigation="Contained" for TextBox but not succeeded.

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have you tried creating a new control based off the old control, then replacing the control with this new one + tab stop? –  Sayse Jan 31 '13 at 8:31

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I found the solution:

Set KeyBoardNavigation property of the container not the TextBox. I do this in code behind because I create my StackPanel instances dynamically.

MyStackPanel.IsTabStop = true;    
MyStackPanel.SetValue(KeyboardNavigation.TabNavigationProperty, KeyboardNavigationMode.Cycle);

Also make sure TextBox has IsTabStop property set True:

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