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I have a three WordPress themes that I need to present to management for a final selection of the theme to implement for production. I need to present them as dev1.domain.tld, dev2.domain.tld, and dev3.domain.tld.

The subdomains are all the same installation of WordPress, however I simply want the subdomains to control which theme is loaded for the visitor.

Can this be done? And if so, how?

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FYI, I am aware that MultiSite could be used, however this is a temporary setup for simply facilitating a quick evaluation of themes and MultiSite has caused some problems with a couple of plugins we have in place. Ideally there would be a way to do this with a regular 'ole WP install. –  ylluminate Jan 31 '13 at 9:14

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Have you tried simply creating three separate installs in each sub-domain folder then connecting to the same DB?

Not 100% if that would work but i don't see why not.

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