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I have a table :

ID | time
1 | 124124244
2 | 211313112
3 | 131334334  

I want to get row of max(time).
I tried like this:

select ID,max(time) from T;  

Although it gave correct max(time), but ID given was always 1. I can't get that whole row.
How can I do it ?

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select t.ID, t.time from T
inner join (select MAX(time) maxTime FROM T) a
 ON a.maxTime = t.time;

SqlFiddle, with xdazz's answer also (both are working)

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If there are no two rows with same time or if you want one of them and don't care for the others, you can use this:

SELECT    id, time
FROM      T
    LIMIT 1 ;

If there are more than one rows with same time, @Raphael's answer will return all of them.

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+1, and other answers too. That might be wanted or not, so... –  Raphaël Althaus Jan 31 '13 at 9:47

select id from tbl where time = (select max(time) from tbl)

check this fiddle http://sqlfiddle.com/#!2/77acd/3

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