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Hi I am working on truclient scripts I have grouped some steps into various transactions but while replaying i found in replay log step was started before transaction starting.

t=00001031ms: ** 1: Navigate to LR.getParam("pURL") ** started    [MsgId: MMSG-204251]
Notify: Transaction "Search_T01_LaunchURL" started.
Notify: Transaction "Search_T01_LaunchURL" ended with "Pass" status (Duration: 4.9533).
t=00006391ms: ** 1: Navigate to "LR.getParam("pURL")

** successfully completed

In the above lines Navigate to LR.getParam("pURL") is inside the transaction but it is started executing before the Search_T01_LaunchURL transaction so that if the step fails then we will get the transaction was pass.

Please kindly advice..

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Change your End Event to 'Step network completed'. If it is set to 'Automatic:Not set' or 'Action completed', you will see this behavior.

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