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I'm currently using batch files to process file names that have a timestamp (AFL-YYYYMMDHHMMSS-BKS-0.910-11.). Example:


I want to extract a substring from these file names in order to keep the BKS" and .910-11 (.910-11 is a file extention).

How can I achieve this with a batch file?

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can you provide more information? I am not able to understand your question – Gaurav Kolarkar_InfoCepts Jan 31 '13 at 8:58

Here you go

@echo off
for %%x in (AFL-*-BKS-*.*-*) do (
for /f "delims=-. tokens=3,5-6" %%a in ("%%x") do (
echo %%a .%%b-%%c
pause >nul

Here I have just printed the result to the screen, it's up to you what you want to do with it! :)

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just rename it after copy to BKS 910-11

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paste the code into note pad and save it in bat file and try running

copy C:\mydir*BKS*910-11* D:\newdir

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