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Hi guys as this query i get to work in MYSQL but i want this to convert in Codeigniter Active records.

Basically i have 3 tables

  • suppliers(with intCat, intCity, *)
  • category(with intId, strCategory, intParent)
  • tblcitylist( with city_id, city_name)


SELECT category.strCategory AS strParent, Query3. *  FROM (

SELECT tblcitylist.city_name AS strCity, Query2. *  FROM (

SELECT Query1.intParent, Query1.strCategory, suppliers. *  FROM (

SELECT category.strCategory, category.intId, category.intParent FROM
category WHERE ( ( ( category.intParent ) =51 ) ) ) AS Query1 INNER
JOIN suppliers ON Query1.intId = suppliers.intCat ) AS Query2 INNER
JOIN tblcitylist ON Query2.intCity = tblcitylist.city_id ) AS Query3
INNER JOIN category ON Query3.intParent = category.intId

I want to get suppliers(with it's category and parent category name(strCategory, strParent) and city name (city_name as strCity)) from all child category of parent category(51).

Thanks in advance.

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and you asking ppl to do it for you!!. what have you tried please? – mamdouh alramadan Jan 31 '13 at 9:06
this has nothing to do with codeigniter or activerecord – tomexsans Jan 31 '13 at 9:09

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