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According to this Wikipedia article, you are allowed 3,000 files per app but I was reading a thread on Google Groups that someone's Java app received a warning when it tried to upload more than 1,000 files - he got around it by bundling some files inside jars. Which is correct?

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Updated from [Python Appengine Quotas and Limits]

  • Maximum total number of files (app files and static files): 10,000 total, 1,000 per directory
  • Maximum size of an application file: 32 megabytes
  • Maximum size of a static file: 32 megabytes

Guido van Rossum provides the answer in Google App Engine issue 161:

All, the combined limit on static and code files has indeed increased to 3000. There is no plan to increase it further. The following limits are also still in place:

  • 150 MB max combined size of code files

  • 10 MB max individual size of any file

  • 1000 files max per directory (not counting files in subdirectories)

In the quoted message, "blob" refers to static files; "file" refers to code files.

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I think this answer is incorrect now (no longer correct). 10,000 total 1,000 per directory – Jonny Mar 4 '14 at 6:29
Thanks for the update, Jonny! – lemonad Mar 5 '14 at 20:17
Link changed… – Jonny Jul 3 '14 at 1:07

According to the "Quotas and limits" section:

maximum total number of files (app files and static files) 3,000

The Java environment states the same

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New numbers as of 2011:

10 000 files, 1000 per directory, 32MB app and static files total.

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