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This is strange. I am used to IE crapping out on problems with XML format, but this is the first time I have had a problem in Firefox.

The XML is created at this page:


The code I am using to pull in the XML is

    //Read XML for Events
    type: "GET",
    url: "/content/events/EventCalendarFeedXml.jsp?propCode=UHA&uniqueEvents=y&showTimes=y",
    dataType: ($.browser.msie) ? "text" : "xml",
    success: function(data) {
        var xml;
        if (typeof data == "string") {
            xml = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM");
            xml.async = false;
        } else {
            xml = data;
        var eventNumber = 0;
        $('event', xml).each(function(i) {
            if ($(this).find("venue").text() == "The Venue") {
                eventNumber += 1;
                //Limit results to 3
                if (eventNumber < 4) {
                    $("#event" + eventNumber + "href").text($(this).find("eventTitle").text());
                    $("#event" + eventNumber + "dateTime").text($(this).find("description").text());
                    $("#event" + eventNumber + "href").attr({
                        href: $(this).find("eventDetailsPageUrl").text()
        if (eventNumber == 2) {
        if (eventNumber == 1) {
    error: function(XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown) {
        alert("Error: XMLHttpRequest: " + XMLHttpRequest + ", textStatus: " + textStatus + ", errorThrown: " + errorThrown);
        // typically only one of textStatus or errorThrown 
        // will have info
        this; // the options for this ajax request

I am getting a parsererror, and I can't figure out why. Any help?

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if you've got a firefox bug, usually it's your fault :) – marcgg Sep 22 '09 at 20:04
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The server sends Content-Type: text/html which is not correct. It has to be text/xml. Just change your server side script to return the correct mime type and it will work.

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Thanks, quick and accurate answer. – mrr0ng Sep 22 '09 at 20:12

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