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I am running the Analytics-cmdline-sample application with Java. I am using Maven 2.2.1, I have created a client_Id and client_secret in the Google Api Console. I have ensured that in my Google Analytics account that I have access to the websites I have Google Analytics on.

I have revoked the client_secret and tried that as well.

I am currently getting the following error: 400 Bad Request
  "error" : "invalid_grant"

I have looked through for many solutions to these problems, but I haven't found any solution as of yet that would resolve this error.

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can you show us your codes as well? – Raptor Jan 31 '13 at 9:28

In my case, the "client_id" was the root of the problem. I add a "short" client_id ( When I created a new "Client ID for web applications" the new client_id was longer ( and the error disappeared.

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