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Since I have re-installed my computer, there is a strange phenomena using Eclipse (both JAVA and C/C++).

The moment I press control+shift+s, two red lines appear near my mouse pointer. Image of the red lines: http://www.flickr.com/photos/92764732@N03/8431379591/

When I look in the settings-> keys, the control+shift+s is mapped to save all. However, it does not save all, and only shows the red lines.

Defaulting the keys mapping does not work, I have tried this.

Does anyone has any idea on what these red lines mean, and how to get rid of them?!

Thanks in advance!


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Well great, turned out it wasn't Eclipse after all.

Control+Shift+S is a shortcut from Mouse without borders (great tool by the way)!

So, fixed that one, on to saving a lot of files in one press :)

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