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I'm on a network where I don't have root access, so everything I install is under a prefix ~/bin (actually referenced by its full path). So I have openbox working fine, which is what I'm using to send this from. Imlib2 I do ./configure --prefix=~/bin; make; make install. Then I run from the tint2 source directory

IMLIB2_CFLAGS=-i~/bin/include/Imlib2.h *only typoed here
export IMLIB2_LIBS
./configure --prefix=~/bin

which leaves me with this charming message

checking for IMLIB2... yes
checking for imlib_context_set_display in -lImlib2... no
configure: error: Imlib2 must be built with X support


So Imlib2 is now compiled --with-x and installed to the location I'm referencing. I am still receiving an identical error message.

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I'm guessing it's because I don't know what the flags are for the initial configure of imlib2?

Probably, yes. ./configure --help will usually give you advice on what to do (i.e., how to pass the correct information to the configure script; but you'll need to find out what that information is a la imlib2).

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Imlib2 needed to be run as ./configure --with-x --prefix=~/bin. Thanks! –  meunierd Sep 22 '09 at 20:27

If your Q is accurate, you should fix the spelling of CLFAGS in the first line.

More generally, you could use:

CPPFLAGS=-I~/bin/include LDFLAGS=-L~/bin/lib ./configure ...

However, as the accepted answer suggests, there is often a direct way to specify the location of pre-requisite software packages.

See also: Linking with a different .so file in Linux.

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