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I am trying to create a "A(UserManager) needs to create instances of B(UserClient)" relationship ( where B(UserClient) needs a HttpSessionStateBase..


public class UserClient : IUserClient
        public UserClient(HttpSessionStateBase session)



public class UserManager : IUserManager
        private readonly Func<IUserClient> userClientPerRequest;
        private IUserClient UserClient
                return userClientPerRequest();

        public UserManager(Func<IUserClient> userClientPerRequest)
            this.userClientPerRequest = userClientPerRequest;

        public void DoStuff()

This is where is register autofac stuff

public class MyModule : Module
        protected override void Load(ContainerBuilder builder)



            builder.RegisterModule(new AutofacWebTypesModule());

            //If i try this, i get Error 1 (printing errors after this code-block)
            builder.Register<Func<IUserClient>>(c => c.Resolve<IUserClient>);

            //If i try this, i get Error 2                
            builder.Register<Func<IUserClient>>(c => {
            var ctx = c.Resolve<IComponentContext>();
            return ctx.Resolve<IUserClient>;                

            //If i try this, well i always get null from GetService..
            builder.Register<Func<IUserClient>>(c =>            

Looking at Autofac: Reference from a SingleInstance'd type to a HttpRequestScoped , they use some RequestContainer but i can find no such thing. :)

Error 1

This resolve operation has already ended. When registering components using lambdas, the IComponentContext 'c' parameter to the lambda cannot be stored. Instead, either resolve IComponentContext again from 'c', or resolve a Func<> based factory to create subsequent components from.

Error 2

No scope with a Tag matching 'AutofacWebRequest' is visible from the scope in which the instance was requested. This generally indicates that a component registered as per-HTTP request is being reqested by a SingleInstance() component (or a similar scenario.) Under the web integration always request dependencies from the DependencyResolver.Current or ILifetimeScopeProvider.RequestLifetime, never from the container itself.

I have tried switching .InstancePerHttpRequest() to .InstancePerLifetimeScope() and a whole other different stuff.. Anyone have any ideas?


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When adding Autofac registrations manually in Orchard, use InstancePerMatchingLifetimeScope("shell"), if you need a singleton or InstancePerMatchingLifetimeScope("work"), if you need per-request instance.

I'm not sure if HttpSessionStateBase ctor argument can actually be resolved from the container. You could put IHttpContextAccessor there instead and use it to access the session state object inside IUserClient implementation.

And as Jim Bolla suggested - Func<IUserClient> (factory) is already available out of the box.

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Ah great. However if i change it to InstancePerMatchingLifetimeScope i get "Error 2" but this time its coming from inside OrchardFramework.DLL!Orchard.ContentManager.DefaultContentManager.Handlers.get()‌​.. Shouldnt the HttpSessionStateBase work when im using "AutofacWebTypesModule" ? – Fredrik Widerberg Feb 4 '13 at 8:33
It seems to be working fine with IHttpContextAccessor and without AutofacWebTypesModule.. success! – Fredrik Widerberg Feb 4 '13 at 9:12

I don't think you need to do either of those registrations. Because of Relationship Types, Func<IUserClient> should already be available to you.

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You seem to be correct! However i still get Error 2 from the "return userClientPerRequest();"-line. – Fredrik Widerberg Jan 31 '13 at 14:33
I think the problem is that UserManager is SingleInstance, therefore it and its dependencies will be created outsite of an Http context. – Jim Bolla Jan 31 '13 at 15:59
Even if i set UserManager to InstancePerHttpRequest, i get the same error where the UserManager is created. But i thought UserManager could be single instance because it would create a new UserClient per httprequest? Perhaps that was not correct :) – Fredrik Widerberg Feb 1 '13 at 8:25

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