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I have a problem with PrimeFaces JSF UI library tree component:

<p:tree selectionMode="checkbox" ... >

The problem is: the checkbox can only be toggled by clicking on a checkbox directly. I would like to toggle checkbox by clicking on node text.

I looked at PrimeFaces Labs, but there I see it works ok!

What am I missing, why am I not able to toggle the tree checkbox by clicking the node text?

Using version 3.4.1.

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On showcase labs (link that you provided) this works fine because that is a version 3.5-SNAPSHOT, but if you take a look at showcase this works as in your code. So, they implemented that in current SHAPSHOT version, and it will be available in next release, or you can download 3.5-SNAPSHOT version and use it, but be prepared that there are some potential bugs not yet fixed.

You have a version of showcase at the bottom of the page.

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Great, thanks! Will wait for official release! –  Danijel Jan 31 '13 at 10:16

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