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I have an object with unstructured data that is constantly being updated by a separate thread over which I have no control. I need to parse that unstructured data into a model object so it is available to my users.

I could fire a new thread every time data changes but I could easily see this getting out of hand (just thinking about it doesn't seem to make much sense). I could fire a thread at set intervals but that means the user of the data structure that mirrors the unstructured data had no guarantee that all updates had been parsed.

I guess I could fire a thread at set interval and every time the user accesses a property on the model object, trigger the parsing of the unstructured data just to be sure.

Any ideas?

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First, you need some locking. You don't want the data to be modified while it is being parsed (or copied into the parser).

Second, when the data is modified, I would just set some outOfDate flag. Then do the parsing only on demand, when a property is accessed and the flag is set. Reset the flag after parsing is completed.

Creating an additional thread for parsing only complicates it even more. Then you need to synchronize access to the properies from user-thread and parser-thread. Also, I don't think the additional thread has any benfits. E.g. I don't think, it reduces latency. But it may unnecessarily increase CPU load.

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I could simply copy the unstructured data into the parser. But the more I think about this the more I think that a separate thread fired at set intervals if the flag is set to true. – ruipacheco Jan 31 '13 at 10:08

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