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I trying to write a simple Happstack application that uses SSL. With this source code:

module Main where

import Happstack.Server( ok )
import Happstack.Server.SimpleHTTPS( TLSConf(..), nullTLSConf, simpleHTTPS )

conf :: TLSConf
conf = nullTLSConf{
  tlsPort = 8011
  , tlsCert = "server.crt"
  , tlsKey = "server.key"

main :: IO ()
main = simpleHTTPS nullTLSConf $ ok "Hello, World!"

It compiles, but, When I run as a normal user, I get:

mytest: bind: permission denied (Permission denied)

When I run as root I get:

mytest: user error (error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file or directory)

What I doing wrong?

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I founded the error:

It should be:

main = simpleHTTPS conf $ ok "Hello, World!"
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