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i have a solution which applies a sharepoint context menu for document library list items that works perfectly in SP2010, but does not run the actionUrl in SP2013 (the context menu appears correctly in the site lists).

i have validated the context menu definition by calling a javascript alert from the actionUrl, and this works, so i don't understand why the jsp i'm trying to call no longer gets fired. i've also checked that the corresponding jsp is deployed to the 15 hive in SP2013 - (could there be a missing reference to tell the solution where the jsp is deployed?)

here is the context menu definition;

<CustomAction Id="UserInterfaceLightUp.DocLibNewToolbar"
                            Description="Opens the document in Oracle AutoVue for viewing, applying markup and collaborating."
                            Title="View in AutoVue"

<UrlAction Url="javascript: showLaunchAutoVueDialog('{ItemUrl}', null, '{SiteUrl}');" />


my questions; firstly is there something blatantly wrong with the jsp function call in the actionUrl definition above? if not, is there something different i need to do to register/reference the jsp for use in the 2013 solution..

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Try wrapping the call in an anonymous function, for example:

<UrlAction Url="javascript: (function() { showLaunchAutoVueDialog('{ItemUrl}', null, '{SiteUrl}'); })();" />

That should do it.

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Hi there Steve, thanks for the reply, but this still isn't firing the JSP...? How and where should the script page be referenced? Thanks, Drew –  Drew Feb 4 '13 at 15:11
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