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I keep getting info messages in my log files.

Im' using jetty and spring.

INFO org.springframework.remoting.support.RemoteInvocationTraceInterceptor - Processing of HessianServiceExporter remote call resulted in exception...

I didn't get the messages on tomcat. Is there a way to turn these message's off?

I'm using log4j slf4j and commons logging too.

When I debug log4j the correct config file is getting loaded.

Somehow another logging is adding these messages to the file...

I think because spring uses commons logging it makes info messages with RemoteInvocationTraceInterceptor.

Somehow commons logging doesn't send it to log4j and just writes info no matter what you set in log4j.xml.

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Try to filter/remove org.springframework.remoting.support.RemoteInvocationTraceInterceptor from your

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Doesn't work. The spring INFO message seems to use another logging method when used in jetty. –  DavidVdd Jan 31 '13 at 10:53

You can turn off INFO level log for spring by specifying the following in log4j.properties


All the classes under support package write only error log. If you need entire springframework, specify like

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