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i am using mysqldump to backup the database available in MySQL using the PHP to the sql dump format which creates the .SQL file. if i want to view / check the backup file then i have to import it first in order to check/verify/view the data which takes a lot of time.

the issue/question is whether there is some way to create the backup copy of the MySQL database in some other format like MS-ACCESS etc rather than sql dump .sql file ?

it will make it easy to open and check the database backup files.

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And you really expect something like MS-Access to be faster than a real sql server when checking the sql file? If it is just for a visual syntax check etc then why not simply use a decent text editor with syntax highlighting? –  arkascha Jan 31 '13 at 11:08
@arkascha i just need backup in ms-access format. i know it can't be as faster as mysql. –  adeel iqbal Jan 31 '13 at 11:36

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In basic terms you cannot do that, mysqldump is literally a sql file which has insert statements which would insert the data, where as a Ms-access has a accdb which is where the data is actually stored.

The import you are running actually takes the sql file and inserts it into your access db.

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Mysqldump is only for sql files, you can also get the file zipped automatically. Compatible databases can restore your MySQL SQL backup file and create a database in the new engine, for example PostgreSQL

If you want to backup your db in other formats you can use PhpMyAdmin here is an example on how to do this. http://dumpk.com/2013/05/16/how-to-backup-mysql-in-diferent-formats/

Good luck!

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