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I have a simple bash find and replace script '' :

find . -type f -name '.' -exec sed -i '' "s/$1/$2/" {} +

When I run my command ./ foo bar, it works. Suppose now my two inputs strings $1 and $2 are sentences (with white spaces), how can I make the script to recognize each of them as whole strings ?

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Add each sentence in quotes "

echo $1
echo $2


$ ./ "first sentence" "second sentence"
first sentence
second sentence


Try this:

find . -type f -exec sed -i "s/$1/$2/" {} +


$ cat test1.txt 
ola sdfd
$ ./ "ola sdfd" "hello world"
$ cat test1.txt 
hello world
$ ./ "hello world" "ols asdf"
$ cat test1.txt 
ols asdf
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yes but now the find and replace script is not working anymore... –  user1611830 Jan 31 '13 at 11:10
try this... Why does it not work? –  user000001 Jan 31 '13 at 11:25
tryied here's now my output sed: 1: "./.DS_Store": invalid command code . –  user1611830 Jan 31 '13 at 11:28
@info : I need to process a recursive find and replace –  user1611830 Jan 31 '13 at 11:30
@user1611830 could you post the command you are running? including the arguments... –  user000001 Jan 31 '13 at 11:35

have you tried to screen spaces with \? e.g.: this\ is\ sample\ string\ with\ spaces

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it seems indeed to correct the input but now the find and replace script is not working anymore... –  user1611830 Jan 31 '13 at 11:10

You just need to call your script as :

./myscript  "sentence 1 with spaces" "sentence 2"

But you may have to "escape" special characters (or use something else than sed)

You may want to add g to the sed s/.../.../ construct so that it replaces several occurence on the same line.

And you can't have a string with a / in it, as you use / as the sed's separator. (You can change that separator to anything, for example to the unlikely % : s%$1%$2%g)

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You mean to change "s/$1/$2/" into s%$1%$2%g ? I did but the script is nor finding nor replacing –  user1611830 Jan 31 '13 at 11:19

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