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Is it possible to retrieve the fiber which created the current fiber? It would suffice if I could get this information upon creation of a new Fiber.

Monkey-patching Fiber#new doesn't work, as calling Fiber#current results in "uninitialized fiber" error.

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I finally found a way to get it working. If we redefine initialize it would fail as the internals won't initialize the fiber. It is however possible to alias it, create a new one, and then run the old one:

  class Fiber
    alias_method :old_init, :initialize

    def initialize
      @parent = Fiber.current

    def parent

Since the Fiber.current doesn't change until we execute resume on the fiber, we can safely copy a reference in the initializer.

Now we can ask the system "Who's your grandpa?" Fiber.current.parent.parent.

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