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I am web developer starting with phonegap. I need to create one app for iPhone, android and Windows Phone 8.
I need to store some data (too big for localStorage) locally.
I don't know witch solution is the best:

  1. Phonegap provides Storage (based on WebSQL - which is deprecated), but it is not supported by windows phone. Is there any plugin to fill this gap?
  2. I read about Indexed DB, but I haven't used it before and it is not very intuitive for me. I am not sure if it is fully supported in all platforms? I based on (http://blog.nparashuram.com/2012/10/indexeddb-example-on-cordova-phonegap_12.html)
  3. Or maybe I can use phonegap plugins https://github.com/marcucio/Cordova-WP-SqlitePlugin for windows phone and https://github.com/marcucio/Cordova-SQLitePlugin for android and iphone.. Then my code would be the same in all platforms as I suppose.

Did someone create such an app before? I would be greatful for any solutions or ideas.

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Cordova WP8 supports IndexedDB only. iOS and Android WebSql only. Since WebSql is deprecated (I know how many people love/use it and agree that in many situations WebSql is very cool) I would recommend to proceed with IndexedDb and use the following polyfill for Android/iOS.

PhoneGap polyfill for IndexedDB that makes the IndexedDB API to work with WebSQL


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I've seen this example, but I am not convinced to that solution. What with this Cordova-WP-SqlitePlugin? Does it work? –  Iwona Trąbka Jan 31 '13 at 12:05
I've never tried Cordova-WP-SqlitePlugin so don't have any info how stable/good it is. –  Sergei Grebnov Jan 31 '13 at 12:57
Using Cordova-WP-SqlitePlugin, it's not very stable. Whole bunch of errors, always shows SQLite as busy. Not recommended. –  shamittomar Feb 8 '13 at 7:36
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How about using my open source library, ydn-db? It has very nice abstraction layer on top of those.


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Um, care to make it easy for us and give a link? –  B T Aug 26 '13 at 22:54
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Latest Update (May 05, 2014): New Cross Platform Cordova WebSQL plugin by MS Open Tech

Microsoft Open Technologies is publishing the new open source WebSQL plugin for Apache Cordova and PhoneGap. This plugin allows developers to integrate a persistent SQL-based local storage solution in their Cordova apps using the exact same JavaScript code across Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows Store.

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