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I have jsf webapp. I have successfully deployed it to Cloudbees using steps from

The problem is that the app won't work until I change the ClickStack to web application profile. The default one is Tomcat. My change is always lost each time I deploy/update the app from IntelliJ Idea. Deploying the app from PaaS console works without problem.

Is there any setting to make the Idea plugin remember the used stack?

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It appears to be a bug, reported in YouTrack, star/vote the issue to receive notifications.

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Found a work around. Include a jsf implementation to the app.

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Support for ClickStacks had been added to IDEA CB integration, staring from next IDEA 13 EAP, it will be possible to choose between "Basic Java Webapp (Tomcat)" and "Java EE 6 Web Profile (JBoss)" options.

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