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I have an article model (article.rb):

class Article < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :name, :content

I have a gsub like this in my article.rb:

self.content.gsub!(/anylink[^']/i, "<%= link_to 'anylink', '' %>")

This substitutes the word "anylink" in the text of an article with the "link_to 'anylink', ''" to create an automatic link. When there is already a "link_to...", it will NOT substitute since I excluded the ' after anylink in the regular expression.

It works, but the problem is that it deletes the next character following "anylink". E.g. it converts:

"Have a look at anylink and see"


"Have a look at anylinkand see"

"anylink" in this second phrase now is a hyperlink, so everything is fine except the missing space that has been deleted during the gsub operation. Any ideas why and how I can avoid this?

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String#gsub replaces the whole matching part of your pattern with your replacement, which is here the anylink string and one character which is not an apostrophe.

So it would replace the following Strings for example:

  • anylinkA
  • anylink.
  • anylink!

If you want to keep your character, you could create a match and put that after the replacement:

self.content.gsub!(/anylink([^'])/i, "<%= link_to 'anylink', '' %>\\1")

Here the matching group ([^']) will match on the character and the escaped \1 will put that char after your replacement.

But I recommend you to use the \b to match the word boundary:

self.content.gsub!(/\banylink\b/i, "<%= link_to 'anylink', '' %>")

So with this solution the word anylink will be replaced by the gsub and it can be preceded or followed any character but not an alphanumeric.

If you want to replace all matches in self.content, add g regexp modifier:

self.content.gsub!(/\banylink\b/ig, "<%= link_to 'anylink', '' %>")
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Thanks. I didn't fully understand the first solution, adding the \\1 at the end of the line didn't change behavor. The second suggestion works fine for the first time I edit the article, but then the second time it substitutes the "link_to 'anylink', 'http...' with "link_to 'link_to 'anylink', http...', http...'. Thats why I excluded the execution of gsub if there is a ' at the end of the word (gsub!(/anylink([^'])/i, etc...) – user929062 Jan 31 '13 at 12:23
You did not mention that you're running the replacement multiple times on your content. If you do that, it would replace the anylink string every time. So there will be a link inside a link. – KARASZI István Jan 31 '13 at 12:25
Yes, sorry for not mentioning it. That's why I have the /anylink([^'])/ regex which in principle solves the problem. As I said, it just also deletes the character behind, that's the main problem. – user929062 Jan 31 '13 at 12:29
Why do you need to do the replacement multiple times? Why don't just add g regexp modifier to my second solution to replace all? – KARASZI István Jan 31 '13 at 12:34
The thing is that I have an encyclopedia where articles might change and be updated. When I do the update it needs to check the new content of the article if it contains certain keywords, but it need to keep the old link_to's as they were. Not a simple problem, but the [^'] solved this quite well, just the removed charater remains the problem. – user929062 Jan 31 '13 at 13:25

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