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I need to check if a string contains any symbols other than a space. I cant check with

      String.length() > 0



since spaces are considered as characters. How can I find out whether a java String contains other characters (letters, symbols, numbers, whatever) ?

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You can use


If String only contains spaces they all will be removed by trim() before checking for equality

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trim() will remove more than just spaces and not do what Maver1ck asks for. – jarnbjo Jan 31 '13 at 12:40

Just trim() the string (remember to check for null before invoking a method on it):

Returns a copy of the string, with leading and trailing whitespace omitted.

 myString != null && !myString.trim().isEmpty();

Or, if you're using Apache Commons, you can use StringUtils.isBlank(). You can check its implementation.

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!"".equals(myString.trim()); => !myString.trim().isEmpty() would look better – assylias Jan 31 '13 at 12:04
Indeed! thanks :) – Xavi López Jan 31 '13 at 12:06

Whyn not use String.trim() and check if the resultant length is greater than 0 ?

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Use a regular expression, "[^ ]" would do it.

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String test;
//populate test

if(test.trim().length() > 0)
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With a regex:

myString.matches("[^ ]+"); // all but spaces

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Using Google Guava:

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Trim your string and then check it for empty string.

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You could try something like this, to remove all the space characters and then to measure its length:

                int length=string.length();

In this case, if length is greater than zero, it does contain non-space characters.

Hope this helps :)

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Remove all spaces:

String s = ...;
s = s.replaceAll("\\s+", "");

Then check the length:

if(s.length() > 0)

or check if a string is empty:

if (s.isEmpty())
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You can use StringUtils from apache commons: http://commons.apache.org/lang/api-3.1/index.html

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