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my main function says--

static void Main(string[] args)

        Graph g = new Graph();
        FileLoader.Load(g, "\\cbcs.owl");

        TripleStore store = new TripleStore();
        //Object results = store.ExecuteQuery("SELECT * WHERE { { ?s ?p ?o } UNION { GRAPH ?g { ?s ?p ?o } } }");

        Object results = store.ExecuteQuery("PREFIX pre:<http://www.cbcs.com/ontologies/cbcs.owl#>" + "SELECT ?X ?Y WHERE { ?X pre:hasInstitutes ?Y .}");
        SparqlResultSet rset = (SparqlResultSet)results;

        //Enumerating via the Results property
        foreach (SparqlResult result in rset.Results)


but it doesnt display the answer if my query is simple and without answer it works but with prefix it doesnt please help

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You've asked this question in about three different places (here, answers.semanticweb.com and on the dotnetrdf mailing list)

Firstly you may want to take a look at our FAQ which has a section called My query returns no results? which covers common problems users encounter with making SPARQL queries. Please work through that to see if any of the common problems affect you

As I have already told you in the other locations your question as it stands is completely unanswerable. All you have provided is the copy pasted sample from our website with the the filename and the query changed.

Without your data (or a sample of it) and an explanation of your last comment:

it doesnt display the answer if my query is simple and without answer it works but with prefix

All anyone can do is guess as to what is the problem! What is the query that works and what is the query that doesn't work?

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prefixes are required. Protege may be inserting them for you.

What does the commented query return? Does "cbcs.owl" contain relative URIs? (so they will not be http://www.cbcs.com/ontologies/cbcs.owl#... after reading the file).

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hi andy..the commented query returns almost the entire ontology –  user2028958 Feb 1 '13 at 8:32
if i run same query -- which is PREFIX pre:<cbcs.com/ontologies/cbcs.owl#>; SELECT ?X ?Y WHERE { ?X pre:hasInstitutes ?Y .} in protege it returns one row which is not in the case of dotnetrdf api using my application. –  user2028958 Feb 1 '13 at 8:34

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