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I am fiddling with regular expressions to shorten a string splitting routine I have been using.

I have a string for my cart that is submitted to an asp script as follows:

addnothing|-1, addRST115400112*2xl|0, addnothing|-1, addnothing|-1, addRST115400115*xs|0, addnothing|-1

I want to be able to extract the two entries that represent two stock items:


I have managed to get this bit of code to work but I am unsure about the pattern I am using:


This returns this:

addRST115400112*2xl|0, addnothing|-1, addnothing|-1, addRST115400115*xs|0,

but I only want it to return :


Can anybody point me in the right direction please?

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You were matching it greedily (.* eats as much as it can so in your case it ends up eating till the last \|[0-9] i.e |0)

You should match it lazily by using .*? instead of .*

So your regex should be


\d is similar to [0-9]

(?!nothing) is just a doesn't match or consume's better then [^n] cuz it's more reliable,expressive and doesnt eat anything

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that is amazing thank you so much – EvilKermitSaurus Jan 31 '13 at 12:36
There is a follow up to my question which is I will also be passing in a remRST115400112*2xl|0 to remove the item from the basket and I don;t want to have to use different functions to search for what I want to achieve. – EvilKermitSaurus Jan 31 '13 at 14:14
@GrahamCole you can use (add|rem)(?!nothing)(.*?)\*(.*?)\|\d..if i got u right – Anirudha Jan 31 '13 at 14:54
I just wanted to follow up on this if you don't mind. The last part of the regex pattern \|\d is actually optional because the site currently does not pass this in. How can I make this bit optional in the pattern? – EvilKermitSaurus Mar 8 '13 at 12:20

Trying to keep the .Pattern simple (this is VBScript!) and to make tinkering with it easier (what really singles out stock items is by no means clear):

  Dim sInp  : sInp      = "addnothing|-1, addRST115400112*2xl|0, addnothing|-1, addnothing|-1, addRST115400115*xs|0, addnothing|-1"
  Dim reCut : Set reCut = New RegExp
  reCut.Global  = True
  reCut.Pattern = "addR[^|]+\|\d"
  Dim oMTS : Set oMTS = reCut.Execute(sInp)
  If 2 = oMTS.Count Then
     WScript.Echo "Success:", Join(Array(oMTS(0).Value, oMTS(1).Value))
     WScript.Echo "Bingo:", reCut.Pattern
  End If


Success: addRST115400112*2xl|0 addRST115400115*xs|0
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I see your point however stock codes do not follow a specific pattern and certainly do not always start with an R. There is a followup to my question which is I will also be passing in a remRST115400112*2xl|0 to remove the item. – EvilKermitSaurus Jan 31 '13 at 14:13

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