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I am using the google OAuth java client to get my application authourized by google for accessing google fusion table data. I used the code at here

I am using a servlet which uses the above sample code, i am using Service Account mode to get authorized from google server. While i am using the above code i am getting the following error.

Error: redirect_uri_mismatch The redirect URI in the request: [http://localhost:51034/Callback] did not match a registered redirect URI

I see that when we create Client Id and Secret for Service Accounts there is no redirections URIs mentioned. So where can i change or edit these uris to make this code work.

Present my code is at this url.

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You can edit these settings in the API console (in the API Access section), at the same place where you can add Service Accounts. Just use "Edit settings..." and there you can add JavaScript redirects and origins:

Client settings

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Using Java code in a servlet to access google OAuth2 is called "web application" or "web server" type. When you create ClientID in API Console, choose "Web application", and then you can edit its redirect_uris using what @Odi 's screenshot shows.

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