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I have installed python and django on win 7. Both works and runs fine in the command line. I proved it with import django and then getting the version print django.get_version(). After that step I installed pydev from the update page in eclipse. I autoconfigured the python path in the preferenc window. However, when I create a python project I get:

enter image description here

Here you can see that an "empty" project was created. However I looked into two variables which should be defined:


However I get:

enter image description here

Therefore my question is:

How to set the manage.py to get the django structure when creating a new django project?


OK guys I figured out the solution:

  1. create a project in pydev
  2. create a project with django
  3. the pydev and the django project should have the same name
  4. copy the project into the eclipse workspace and press F5
  5. have fun;)
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You should install PyDev pydev.org. Once you installed it you can create a new Django project in Eclipse. This post lowcoupling.com/post/47845431628/… provides a complete tutorial for it –  Sindico May 24 '13 at 17:48

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I just did this yesterday, and ran in to the same problem. I had to run django-admin.py startproject [projectname] from the command line in the project workspace directory to get all the files autogenerated. After you do that, it is pretty self-evident what you need to set the project configuration to (a manage.py and settings.py file will be generated in the project directory, and you just provide a relative path to manage.py and a package path to settings in the appropriate project configuration fields).

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