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I have a javascript object set up somewhat like the following:

“someObject” : {
    “A” : { “id” : “323klj”, “name” : “subObject1”, “value” : “0” }
    “B” : { “id” : “63sdf”, “name” : “subObjectB”, “value” : “9” }

I am trying to access the “value” properties of the sub-objects. However when I access them like so


the result is undefined.

If I try outputting the following to the console just like this (one line after another)


In the console I will see the following:

-First Line: someObject will be displayed as expected with all the sub-objects and properties intact

-Second Line: I will see the sub-object A, however the “value” property is missing

-Third Line: is undefined.

My question is does anybody have any ideas on what could possibly be making this happen? I am having a hard time trouble shooting this problem and I don't understand how this is even possible. I know that this should work under normal circumstances. FYI: This is all part of a much larger backbone application where I am using jquery mobile as well. Could it be something to do with one of these frameworks? (the actual code is too complex to paste here, I am just trying to give an example to illustrate what is going on).

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How is the object generated? How are the properties set? Could it be that value is populated via Ajax and you are trying to access the property before it is set? Some consoles have a strange way of evaluating objects, so you should not trust every output. –  Felix Kling Jan 31 '13 at 12:51
Thanks for the suggestions Felix –  The Asker Of Questions Jan 31 '13 at 21:12

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this works for me:

var someObject = {
    A : { id : "323klj", name : "subObject1", value : "0" },
    B : { id : "63sdf", name : "subObjectB", value : "9" }
console.log(someObject.A.value); //returns 0
console.log(someObject.B.value); //returns 9

note: copy-pasting your text I had to change the double-quotes, in my browser they were display as “ ” so I changed them to "

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Thanks for checking it out w3jimmy, I was fairly confident that the code was valid, just something is wrong with my application. The weird quotes were due to a text editor I made the wrote out the question in. –  The Asker Of Questions Jan 31 '13 at 21:11

Well, I ended up using a workaround, so I hate to have anyone else waist time on this one and will mark it as answered, But still is quite puzzling to me what is going on...

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