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I am trying to set a cookie with value unkown#4?Wn5pZ1JwQnlLEGRJAgB4WQU%3D in Servlet response.

But when I set the cookie in browser it is returned with quotes surrounding it like this:


Why is this happening? We are using Jetty as application server.

I will put code which I have written

String cookieValue = "unkown#4?Wn5pZ1JwQnlLEGRJAgB4WQU%3D";
Cookie zedoCookie = new Cookie("cookiename", cookieValue);
zedoCookie.setMaxAge(31536000); // this is one year duration.

Can someone put some light on this?

I have already had a look at this. But it does not seem to address my issue.

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Read the javadoc once again (emphasis mine):

With Version 0 cookies, values should not contain white space, brackets, parentheses, equals signs, commas, double quotes, slashes, question marks, at signs, colons, and semicolons. Empty values may not behave the same way on all browsers.

So the answer which you found applies to you as well. URL-encode the value.

Cookie zedoCookie = new Cookie("cookiename", URLEncoder.encode(cookieValue, "UTF-8"));

And upon retrieving, URL-decode it.

String cookieValue = URLDecoder.decode(zedoCookie.getValue(), "UTF-8");
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question mark has not caused a problem yet but yes, from the time we are getting equals sign we are facing this issue. But in any case we need to make sure that we set the cookie appropriately. We have no control over the cookie content we get. –  Sam Jan 31 '13 at 12:58
Just URL encode/decode it. I don't see how that part is a problem to you. –  BalusC Jan 31 '13 at 12:59
I tried encode and decode option but still it is putting double quotes. –  Sam Jan 31 '13 at 14:43

It seems like Jetty treats the following characters as not allowed in Cookies: "\\n\r\t\f\b%+ ;= (HttpFields -> __COOKIE_DELIM). If one of these characters is contained in the value of the cookie, then the value will be enclosed in double quotes in the HTTP-Header. URL-Encoding does not solve the Problem, since then you will still have the % character inside. To me it seems like a bug. I posted a question to the Jetty mailing list. There is also another post on the mailing list, which explains why the cookie version is raised in Jetty version 9.

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+1 Thanks for this. I had convert '+' -> '-', '/' -> '.', and '=' -> '_' to get my base64 cookie to be stored without spaces. –  Gray Feb 17 '14 at 0:59

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