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I have a question about formatting the friendly URL for category and subcategory and getting the matching products. I am using PrestaShop

Let's say we have a structure like this:

Category 1

  • Spare Parts
  • Accessories

Category 2

  • Chips
  • Accessories

I want to display the link like this: /category-1/accessories and to display the products from category 1->accessories. How can I achieve this?

The current behavior is when I click on accessories, being in category 1, the link is /accessories and the products that are displayed belong from both /category-1/accessories and /category-2/accessories


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This question was answered on the PrestaShop forum. You can find it here http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/220017-category-subcategory-url/

The solution - add this changes to the fallowing classes


'rule' => '{categories:/}{id}-{rewrite}/',
'categories' => array('regexp' => '[/_a-zA-Z0-9-\pL]*'),


$cats = array();    
foreach ($category->getParentsCategories() as $cat)    
if (!in_array($cat['id_category'], array(1, 2, $category->id)))//remove root, home and current category from the URL    
$cats[] = $cat['link_rewrite'];    
$params['categories'] = implode('/', array_reverse($cats));
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