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Guys I have the following action on my controller to send emails to my users.

def email_all_users
    User.all.each do |u|
    if !u.information.nil?
        if !
  redirect_to "/users/#{}",  :flash => { :success => "Los correos fueron enviados" }

And here is the link in my view

<%= link_to "Enviar Correos".html_safe, {:controller => "users", :action => "email_all_users"}, :method => "get",  :id => "email_users", :html =>  {:style => "color:#FAA732;" }, :remote => true %>
<span id="loading" style="color:rgb(41, 160, 41);display:none;"><i class="icon-spinner icon-spin"></i> Enviando</span>
<span id="send" style="color:rgb(41, 160, 41);display:none;"><i class="icon-ok-circle"></i> Enviado!</span>

I create this file email_all_users.js.erb with this content

$('#email_users').ajaxStart(function() {
$('#email_users').ajaxComplete(function() {

As you can see after click in the link I want hide the link and show and image that I have in my loading span (loading is the id), then when the action finish I want to hide the loading and show my send span (send is the id of the span).

What I'm doing wrong because when I click the app send the emails, but does not hide the link and don't show the loading and the send.

Thanks in advance for your help


I move my email_all_users.js.erb to my assets folder and I changed it like this:

$(document).ajaxStart(function() {

$(document).ajaxComplete(function() {

Problem solve.

Thanks anyway.

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Those ajax calls need to go into a regular js file, not as a response to the action. When this code is getting called the ajax reques has already completed.

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