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I am trying to use Plack::Middleware::DBIC::QueryLog inside of a dancer application. The documentation tells me to get the querylog like this:

use Plack::Middleware::DBIC::QueryLog;
sub get_querylog_from_env {
  my ($self, $env) = @_;

In my dancer app before accessing my database schema I have to set $schema->storage->debugobj to the QueryLogger. My question is: How can I access the environment $env provided by Plack which contains the QueryLog object I'm supposed to use?

I am starting my dancer application with

plackup bin/app.pl

where app.pl contains the default

use Dancer;
use app;
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Have you tried


from within your app.pm itself? See Dancer::Request. It's not a Plack::Request object, but judging from the source, it does contain PSGI ENV vars.

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Thats it thank you. I thought I thouroughly read the Dancer::Request documentation. I somehow must have missed this obvious feature. Thank you! –  Kungi Jan 31 '13 at 21:22

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