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I have an entity Paper which is connected to the paper table in my project. In this entity, I have a field title.

The problem is that the field title can have some html tags inside and I need to make some query on this field. The queryes are without html tags.

My idea was to create an extra variable in my entity: title_without_html:

protected title_without_html;

 * Get title_without_html
 * @return text
public function getTitle_without_html()
    return  strip_tags($this->title);

And also in the constructor, I am creating the title_without_html.

Is this possible? If yes, how to do it properly. Actually, I am getting an error:

[Semantical Error] line 0, col 61 near 'title_without_html': Error: Class SciForum\Version2Bundle\Entity\Paper has no field or association named title_without_html

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Your code miss a $, and you should avoid not camelCase methods (for consistency with the Doctrine2 generated ones).

Also, do not rely on the constructor: Doctrine2 do not call the constructor when fetching existing from the database.

This must work:


class Toto {

    public function getCleanTitle()
        return strip_tags($this->getTitle());

You don't have to set a property for this instead you are calling this getter a lot of times (then, a property could be used for caching the result of strip_tags).

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thanks for the reply. The think is that I have to use the QueryBuilder in order to query my database. And there I am facing this problem. – Miloš Jan 31 '13 at 16:48
I have missunderstand the question, your code example is not the right path. What you need is tricky, there is no strip_tags in MySQL, you need to perform a search by words on the field, and that's slow. The best advice I can gave is to actually add a real column on the table, with the clean and stripped title. Or search on a slug string if you have one. – Damien Jan 31 '13 at 16:56
Thank you Damien, that's what I have also thinked about. Or simply generate an xml file which will be updated daily with a cronjob. So, instead of searching in the database, I can search in the xml file, which is also fine. I know that there is no strip_tags in MySQL, but have though that something similar was proposed by Doctrine. Apparently not. – Miloš Feb 1 '13 at 9:26

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