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I have the below code, and would like to register a singleton for each different variant of the generic. Is this possible? Currently, the assertion fails, as the are not the same object type.

public interface IGenericClass<T>
    string GetToString();

public class GenericClass<T> : IGenericClass<T>
    public string GetToString()
        return typeof (T).FullName;

public void test()
    var container = new Container();


    var instance1 = container.GetInstance<IGenericClass<double>>();
    var instance2 = container.GetInstance<IGenericClass<double>>();

    //this should assert true
    Assert.IsTrue(object.ReferenceEquals(instance1, instance2));
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Just use RegisterSingleOpenGeneric:

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How didn't I see that! Thanks a lot :) – Karl Cassar Jan 31 '13 at 15:13

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