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Is it possible to create a sticky header or footer such that no matter where you scroll the header/footer stays put? I'm looking for a HTML/css/javascript solution for iPhone/webkit.

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You'd need to do this with JavaScript, as MobileSafari deliberately leaves out support for CSS's position: fixed. You should be able to detect the current viewport and absolutely position an element in the right spot, and update its location when the viewport changes.

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Answering my own question: best resource I've found so far is this one:

However, I think I'm going to end up using Titanium from Appcelerator instead of just html/css.

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It does not work if you change orientation. – Volatil3 Feb 13 '12 at 6:23

There is also another attempt to emulate position: fixed :

But it's hacky, and not very performant too.

You are right, Titanium or phonegap do the job well...

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