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I'm implementing a mobile application using Titanium appcelerator.

In this app, I'll need implementing a chat using RabbitMQ. I saw a lot of examples of how to connect to rabbitmq server using node js, but in my case it isn't applicable and I could not find any javascript standalone client.

I'd like know if there's a way to connect to RabbitMQ without a client, or if there are any javascript standalone client?


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Is it the RabbitMQ Web STOMP you are searching for? With SockJS it works fine even in old browsers and need no Node.js or any web-server side code written by you.

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I did some tests using rabbit stomp plugin and the stomp js client + SocketJS and it worked fine on browsers, but the stomp client and socketjs uses some objects that are exclusive of browsers (like document and window), so I could not port it to Titanium. Thanks. –  GodFather Feb 3 '13 at 13:48
SockJS Client uses no browser exclusive objects as I find and its server-side is already built-in in RMQ Web-STOMP Plugin. Also you can implement STOMP protocol itself with JS or use an ready one. –  Leto III Feb 5 '13 at 16:13

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