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An applet I made loads images from a URL. When I run this applet inside Eclipse using AppletViewer it displays the images. However when I run the applet in a browser after deploying it in Tomcat 7, the image does not display, only the grey background of the applet is displayed and no errors are printed to console.

I have also tried packing the image in the jar and loading it from there, but I get the same problem (works in Eclipse but not in Tomcat).

Is Tomcat the problem or is it something else?

Here is the complete code:

import java.awt.Image;
import java.net.URL;
import javax.imageio.ImageIO;
import javax.swing.ImageIcon;
import javax.swing.JApplet;
import javax.swing.JFrame;
import javax.swing.JLabel;

public class LoadImage extends JApplet 
Image image;

public LoadImage()
    try {
        URL url = new URL("http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2d/Morus_bassanus_adu.jpg/50px-Morus_bassanus_adu.jpg");
        image = ImageIO.read(url);

        setSize(300, 300);
        JLabel label = new JLabel(new ImageIcon(image));
    catch (Exception e) {
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And if you do new ImageIcon(url) without ImageIO? (I know you want to resize.) –  Joop Eggen Jan 31 '13 at 14:43
did you allow images to display? –  Roman C Jan 31 '13 at 14:44
Joop Eggen : This causes it to not display anything in Eclipse also. Roman C : Do you mean in Tomcat? How do I do this? –  user13316 Jan 31 '13 at 14:50
With label.setPreferredSize and especially label.setMinimumSize? –  Joop Eggen Jan 31 '13 at 14:52
Yes, I changed the code to JLabel label = new JLabel(new ImageIcon("http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2d/Morus_bassan‌​us_adu.jpg/50px-Morus_bassanus_adu.jpg")); label.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(300, 300)); label.setMinimumSize(new Dimension(300, 300)); And it has the effect that the image is not display in AppletViewer as well. I am convinced that the problem is not with the original code, but with Tomcat or a network or some Windows configuration. –  user13316 Jan 31 '13 at 15:05

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 URL url = new URL("http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2d/Morus_bassanus_adu.jpg/50px-Morus_bassanus_adu.jpg");

                BufferedImage image = ImageIO.read(url);        

                JLabel label = new JLabel(new ImageIcon(image));
                label.setMinimumSize(new Dimension(200,200));
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This worked, thankyou! Can you please explain why BufferedImage works and not a normal Image? Is it because BufferedImage works over the internet and Image does not? –  user13316 Jan 31 '13 at 15:13

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