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I have a serious timeout issue with a wcf service. I will explain the situation: I have a that calls wcf service, The wcf service creates a new thread, The new thread creates a process that runs a python script.

Note: The website does not wait for the python script to end, it only gets a confirmation the script is running:-).

The python script is created by creating a new process and calling Waitforexit(). The script is a very long script that takes about 5 hours, after about 2 hours the WaitForExit method throws a exception saying "Thread was being aborted".

I am battling for more than a week with this and I am really clueless. I will be really happy getting some help, I am m sorry in advance if this post is not formatted nicely, it was written by mobile.

Thanks a lot.

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Possibly the WCF application has been unloaded? This is why it is always a bad idea to use as a platform for long-running tasks. Can you instead create a windows service to run the python script that reads from a message queue posted by the wcf service? – mellamokb Jan 31 '13 at 15:09
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I remember having a similar problem. The web service application stops after a period of inactivity, so the thread will abort.

One way to get around it is to have a Windows service call the web service every 10 seconds or so, or better, have the Windows service pick up the "Job" using a database queue or other similar technique.

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