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Is there a way to pass the contents of an Excel file, rather than a file name/reference, to the xlrd module's open_workbook() function? I've been trying to use the "file_contents" parameter for this purpose, but haven't had any success with it so far. Thank you.

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Hint for your next question: "haven't had any success with it so far" is not very helpful ... try showing the code for your best effort and the error message and traceback –  John Machin Feb 1 '13 at 11:32

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In most places where an open file is needed, a StringIO object will also work.

You just cread a StringIO object from the file data and pass that object as the file to your function.

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Thanks, Ber. I was inspecting it some more, and it turned out that what I thought was the raw binary excel file data was actually a FieldStorage object containing the excel file data, and thus, was causing an exception to be generated. Think I've got it sorted now. –  Lamps1829 Jan 31 '13 at 15:41
why -1? open_workbook_xls allows file_contents param. check documentarion please or source code: github.com/python-excel/xlrd/blob/master/xlrd/book.py –  llazzaro Mar 29 at 1:04

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